People can leave their homes now that the world has ended a series of Covid-19 lockdowns and frequent quarantines. It increases air pollution and gas emissions in the atmosphere. However, many people have our HVAC units in their households to purify the polluted air.

Despite these units, you can still get poor-quality air indoors. We at Arch Heating and Cooling Inc. will help you with ways to know if your indoor air quality is poor.

1. Symptoms of a common cold

You have likely caught a common cold if you sneeze and cough frequently. Other symptoms like fever and headache also indicate the chances of common cold and influenza. It happens due to pollutants present in the outdoor as-well-as indoor air.

However, if your HVAC system is not purifying the pollutants, it is time for you to get it serviced. You can call our company for AC repair in Janesville, WI.

2. Dizziness and extreme fatigue

Pollutants in the air can heavily impact cognitive functions. Toxins, when inhaled, can affect the body system and cause fatigue. If you are experiencing more fatigue and dizziness than usual, you should check the indoor air quality.

3. Asthma symptoms

Many air pollutants and toxins contribute to difficulties in breathing. However, if the problem persists, get your lungs checked by a doctor. Difficulty in breathing is one of the first symptoms of asthma.

Some toxins like endotoxins and ozone are present in the indoor air, which causes chest tightness, breathing problems, coughing, and wheezing. Such pollutants travel through the air, whose sources can be soil or domestic pets.

The HVAC system in your household is responsible for cleaning the polluted air and improving the air quality. If your HVAC unit is underperforming, call a professional technician to guide you through the process.

4. Unusual allergies

When the AC filters and vents get dirty, it slows the process of air purification. Over the months, the filters of the HVAC unit get layered with dust and debris. Therefore, it leads to spreading airborne pollutants indoors.

5. Lung Cancer

Cancers do not form immediately after any alien substance enters the body. However, if a person is exposed to dangerous toxins repeatedly, the person can be diagnosed with lung cancer. People who work at factories are generally more exposed to toxins emitted during production.

Some pollutants like radon can become a risk factor for lung cancer. Radon is a radioactive gas that can sneak through tiny spaces in the house.

6. Symptoms of cardiovascular disease

Long-term exposure to airborne particles and toxic gasses can cause various cardiovascular diseases. Polluted air consists of gasses like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, and radon that can harm health. Some diseases like artery blockages and heart strokes can occur due to toxic gasses.

A human needs to inhale good-quality air for well-being. Being indoors won’t prevent you from getting health problems in the future. Look for these warning symptoms to ensure good quality of indoor air.

If your HVAC unit is due for its regular maintenance or if you’re looking to replace your air conditioner, don’t waver to call us today at (608)362-4090 for AC replacement services in Janesville, WI.