A furnace pilot light is an ignition source that indicates that a furnace is receiving the proper gas supply. Normal electrical furnaces do not have the pilot light, and they are commonly seen in gas furnaces. You need to note that if the furnace pilot light goes out, there may be a chance that something is wrong with the furnace system in your space.

The pilot light may malfunction after years of usage. Besides that, other underlying problems may cause the furnace pilot light to break down.

Possible Causes and Fix for the Furnace Pilot Light System

The furnace will send strong signs if your furnace pilot light is out. The first sign will be reduced heating in your space, and you will feel cold air coming out of the furnace. Here are some of the possible causes and fixes mentioned for you, which may be helpful during emergencies.

  • Thermocouple Malfunction

Thermocouples are flame sensors and play an important role in heating the rods. Sometimes dust may accumulate over the thermocouple, and thus it may malfunction. Besides dust and dirt, if you have been using the same thermocouple for the past few years, it is high time to replace it. You can also contact a good service provider who will professionally assist you throughout the process.

  • Dirty Ducts

Ducts allow the air to pass, and if the ducts are clogged, the air won’t pass, and the furnace won’t heat up. This can cause the furnace pilot light to go out, and in this case, you need to do rigorous checking to relight the furnace pilot light. You can also schedule a session with an experienced service provider for conducting the cleaning session.

  • Gas Supply

Sometimes, more gas supply can affect the working of the furnace pilot light. This happens because excess gas coming to the vents affects the pilot light. In this case, you can check the gas supply connection, and if needed, turn off the gas to relight the furnace.

  • Cracked Heating Exchanger

A cracked heat exchanger may cause the furnace pilot light to go out. The cracked pilot light may cause the gas to flow out of the heat exchanger. This will prevent the furnace from heating to a certain extent as the furnace pilot light requires to work properly.

The only solution for this is the replacement of the heat exchanger. You must contact a certified service provider for the same.

  • Improper Venting and Heat Flow

The furnace system has a venting system, and sometimes the venting system may malfunction. Improper venting may cause problems in the heat flow system, which will affect the furnace pilot light.

You must contact a professional service provider if you face any furnace pilot light problems. If you search for heating repair in Janesville, WI, then you will get plenty of options, but Arch Heating and Cooling Inc. is the one name that will provide you with the best experience.