Keeping your AC unit protected from hurricanes to hails can be a huge task. Extreme weather conditions can seriously impact your outdoor unit’s functionality.

Outdoor AC units are built with two primary parts- the evaporator coil inside the furnace and the compressor unit located outside of the home. The compressor is usually shielded with metal to withstand rain, wind, snow, and hail. However, unpredictable weather can still affect your unit. Humidity, heavy wind, flooding, blockage, and such factors can make your AC work harder. It leads to early burnout of your unit just before the peak season.

It is very important to protect your AC unit from high water and strong winds. Arch Heating & Cooling gives five necessary steps to be taken to protect your system:

Switch Off The Power

Remind yourself to turn off the breakers for your AC system before the storm. Ensure the power is off by switching it off at the circuit breaker rather than simply turning off the thermostat. It is very likely for a power surge to occur during storms which can spark an electrical fire or damage your AC system.

Secure Your Unit

Remember to tighten the bolts that hold your outdoor AC system in place. Hurricane straps can be used to secure your system. When using window units, remove them from the windows before the storm. There is the possibility of strong winds pulling them from the window and causing serious damage.

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Cover The System

Shield the system from water by covering it with a tarp to help it withstand strong winds. A specially designed plastic or vinyl cover can also be used. Place a metal, plywood cage, or plastic around the air conditioner to protect it from flying debris.

Prevent Flying Objects

Protect the AC system from projectiles by eliminating any objects from the radius that could become prone to become airborne in hurricane-force winds. It includes loose or damaged tree branches, outdoor furniture, children’s toys, tools, planters, grills, and loose objects.

Stay Prepared After The Storm

If you suspect inclement weather has affected your system in any way possible, avoid turning it on until an HVAC contractor has inspected it. You might want to purchase a power backup generator as chances are you won’t be with power for days or weeks ahead of a big storm hitting your area. In case of any damage suspected, you can schedule an AC tune-up in Janesville, WI, with us.

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