The worst thing that can happen to you during a cold snap is if your furnace, which is crucial for keeping warm, keeps cycling on and off constantly. Sometimes, it tries to start up but won’t run for much longer than a few seconds before it abruptly shuts down. This can be quite alarming.

A flame sensor is just a thin metallic rod located on the burner assembly of your furnace, and it is a basic part of your furnace. The proper functioning of today’s furnaces depends on several safety sensors and timely furnace repairs in Janesville, Wi.

The furnace controller will cut off the power and fuel when a sensor detects an unsafe condition. The state of a locked-out furnace is likely to persist until it is reset or a furnace replacement in Janesville, Wi.

If the furnace becomes too hot or the electrical system fails, a reset button can stop the furnace before it trips your circuit breaker. You need to push the reset button again to make the furnace work again.

Once the gas valve is opened, the furnace will shut down if the flame sensor fails to detect a flame within 10 seconds. Two more attempts will be made before the control board is shut down and the system is locked out. Furnaces tend to go into ignition lockout for various reasons, but most often, they are caused by problems with flame sensors, igniters, or limit switches. Listed below are the top reasons for lockouts:

  • A Faulty Flame Sensor

You won’t detect the flame if the flame sensor is damaged or dirty.

  • A Defective Ignitor

Eventually, the furnace will not be able to start because of the controller.

  • Response of Limit Switch

Limit switches close if temperatures or pressure are too high or low, respectively.

How To Reset a Flame Sensor?

No matter the cause, you will have to reset your furnace to get it working again. Furnaces should be reset on occasion, but if a furnace needs to be reset frequently, a technician should examine the furnace.

It may be possible for you to reset the furnace yourself, or an HVAC technician may need to perform this task. These measures ensure the safety of the family members living in the home. Turning the power off for approximately 20 seconds and turning it back on again will reset most modern gas furnaces. Some furnace models can power on again after leaving the lockout for 1-2 hours.

The cleanliness of the flame sensor of a furnace is very important. During regular furnace maintenance, consider inspecting this part of the furnace. You can contact knowledgeable HVAC technicians, who will be able to inspect your unit and perform any required tests for you if none of the above solutions work for you.

Call the professionals if you are having problems with your flame sensor. Regardless of how confusing it seems, Arch Heating and Cooling Inc. can help you with any furnace problems you may have.