Imagine you are relaxing in your home, which is warm during the winter season. Suddenly, you smell something like burning plastic. You rush and check around you but find nothing. You trace the smell and realize that it is coming from your heater!

Furnace odors are not dangerous as it is normal for an appliance to give off a burning smell after working for months, but this does not mean that you can take this issue lightly. If the smell of burning plastic does not go away after a few days or weeks, it is time to contact a company for heating repair in Janesville, WI. This is because the long stay of burning plastic odor may indicate serious underlying issues along with major health hazards.

Here is a guide about the causes of burning plastic odor and what you can do about it:

What Causes Burning Plastic Odor?

Sometimes, plastic objects may accidentally enter the vents and ducts of your furnace. If you have small children at home, they may hide their plastic toys in the vents for fun. When the warm air from the furnace enters the ducts and vents and hits these plastic objects, they tend to burn and emit a burning odor.

It may also happen that the components in your furnace, like capacitors, fan belts, and plastic-coated wires, are burning due to voltage differences or internal wiring faults. These components have plastic layering on them, and they may burn off due to high temperatures. The plastic burning off the wires can cause serious threats to your furnace.

What To Do When You Detect A Burning Plastic Odor?

The first thing you should do is check your vents and ducts for any plastic object in them. You can check the vents yourself or contact a company for furnace repair in Janesville, WI, to do it for you. Not only will they check the vents and ducts for unwanted objects, but they will also clean them for you to ensure a smooth airflow in your home.

However, if you did not find any debris or plastic objects in the ducts, it is safe to assume that the wires or other plastic components are burning inside the furnace. You should immediately turn off your furnace from the main power and evacuate your home with your family as it is not safe for you to inhale the smell of burning plastic. It can cause serious health hazards and breathing problems to the ones inhaling the odor. Contact your HVAC company for furnace repair in Janesville, WI, once you evacuate.

The smell of burning plastic coming from the furnace is a serious issue for the families living in Janesville. Instead of finding an HVAC company when the problem occurs, it is better to have one at call. Arch Heating & Cooling has been assisting hundreds of families in WI and IL Stateline. Contact us for services like heating repair in Janesville, WI, at (608) 362-4090