Repairing a furnace can be an expensive ordeal at times, especially when it comes to sprucing up old models. On the bright side, furnaces are known to function for long periods without breaking down provided it receives the occasional tune-up or cleaning.

However, despite that, the heating systems that pass their prime are likely to break down many more times, requiring HVAC repair in Janesville, WI. Therefore, if you are currently weighing out the pros and cons of investing in a repair, you should consider the following costs.

The Average Repair Cost

The average cost of a heating repair in Janesville, WI, tends to be around $490, with a majority of homeowners paying around that much for a typical repair. However, if the damage to the furnace is minimal, the repairs tend to cost between $110 to $120. Still, for a more drastic repair, the price shoots up to around $873 and more.

Comparison Between Oil and Electric Furnace Costs

Technicians offering heating repair in Janesville, WI, will be able to service and repair furnaces that burn oil or use electricity. However, the prices of repairing these components change drastically. An oil furnace repair that tends to belong to an older generation will be more expensive to repair, costing you between $300 to $1200.

The electric furnace, on the other hand, costs around $300. This includes both the price of the component that requires replacement as well as the labor charges. The reason why electric furnace repairs cost comparatively lesser is that the parts that require replacement or repair are more readily available.

Most Common Components That Require Repair

Of the many internal components that are required to make the furnace function, there are some parts that are more prone to requiring HVAC repair in Janesville, WI, than others. These parts include:

  • Flame Sensor: A non-functional flame sensor will mean that the furnace is shutting off at random times, even when there is no flame. This part can be corroded or, in some cases, even break. Therefore, it costs around $75 to $250 to repair or replace.
  • Heat Exchanger: This part is essential in separating the warming flame from the air. However, if the heat increases beyond a certain temperature in the furnace, it can crack the heat exchanger. This is a more costly repair where you will have to pay around $500 to $1500.
  • Pilot Lights: Pilot lights are used to ensure that the carbon monoxide levels in the furnace are at a normal level. It takes around $150 to $250 to replace it.
  • Thermostat: If the thermostat requires repairs, it will mean that the system is unable to heat a room to the desired temperature. Repairing or replacing this will cost around $100 to $600.

Therefore, if your furnace requires constant repairs and replacement, it may be time to consider replacing the entire unit. However, if you wish to maintain or repair your furnace, you can receive the best service at Arch Heating and Cooling inc. Call 608 362-4090 for a repair today.