Air conditioners are a part of almost everyone’s home to tackle the hot, humid days. However, very few air conditioner owners know about all the settings that are in the units. For instance, do you know about the dry function in the air conditioners and their uses?

It is common not to know the answer. With the hectic lives, everyone is leading these days, it is impossible to sit down and read the air conditioner’s manual. But when you give it a thought, air conditioners are a high investment along with monthly expenses because of the high power bills they produce. Therefore, it is important to make funnel use of the device.

What is The Dry Function Mode in an Air Conditioner?

Many people confuse the dry mode of the air conditioner with the cool mode. It is mainly because of how it is represented on the air conditioner’s remote. The dry mode is given with a water drop whereas, the cool mode with a snowflake.

The dry mode may not be present in all air conditioners. In some types of central air conditioning units, these can be easily seen on the remote. The dry mode helps you to reduce the humidity levels in your home.

Even when the temperatures are low, there can be high humidity levels in the air which gives us an uncomfortable feeling. This mode is most useful during the rainy season to beat the humidity. If you find the mode not working, contact the ac repair contractor in Janesville, WI.

How Does it Work?

The working of dry mode in an air conditioning unit is similar to the working of a large-scale dehumidifier. If the air conditioner is set to work in the dry mode, then the fan along with the other inner components will be working but does not blow the cold air.

Instead, the air in the room passes through the air conditioner, where the water vapor in the air is condensed in the evaporator to blow out humid free air. To have this feature working in high efficiency, have regular ac services in Janesville, WI.

Importance of Dry Mode!

With the dry mode, you can potentially save a lot of energy consumption. This mode will make the device work with less energy as it is not cooling the air.

You should not be used in the AC unit with the cool mode in all seasons as it wastes a lot of energy. Cool mode is only appropriate for hot and dry days whereas, the dry mode is appropriate for the humid seasons. With the dry mode, you will not only be reducing your power bills due to the reduced energy cost, but you will also be reducing the carbon footprint of the device.

If you want to install a new unit that has the dry mode or need a repair for the existing unit, do not hesitate to call us at (608) 362-4090. We provide reliable ac service in Janesville, WI efficiently.