It is not a pleasant feeling when you reach home after a long hot day to relax and find your air conditioning unit blasting out hot air. When the capacity of your air conditioner reduces, this problem may occur. Be sure to check if the air conditioning unit is frozen before troubleshooting it.

If you find that your unit is frozen, then it could be the reason why you are not experiencing any cool air. You should immediately defrost the air conditioner so that there will be no further damage to the compressor unit of the system. If the compressor is damaged you should call for ac repair in Janesville, WI which will cost you time and money.

Follow these steps to unfreeze your air conditioning unit yourself.

  • Turn the thermostat off!

When your air conditioner is frozen, you will find that the refrigerant temperature is lower than usual. If the air conditioning unit is working properly without any problems, then it usually sends hot refrigerant gas to the compressor and not the refrigerant in a liquid state.

By turning the power off while switching the circuit breaker settings off, you are restricting this flow of liquid to the compressor which will prevent severe damages to the AC unit. If the compressor goes bad, you might even need an ac replacement in Janesville, WI.

Additionally, it is crucial to turn the power off before you work on the unit because you are dealing with water and electrical components which is never a good combination.

  • Turn on the fan and let the unit thaw

Now you have to simply turn the fan in your room on and wait for the air conditioner unit to thaw. It usually takes from 12 – 24 hours based on the extent of the buildup, the efficiency of the fan, and the size of your air conditioning unit.

When you are waiting for the air conditioner to thaw, it is vital to keep an eye on the condensate pan and drain pipe. As the air conditioner thaws, the water that is melted will now be collected in the drain pan and moved through the condensate pan to be discarded outdoors.

Since this could mean a lot of water moving towards the drainpipe, it may not be able to handle the quantity of water and start overflowing. Have some towels around the pan to prevent the water from spilling in your room.

However, if the pan still overflows, follow these steps to solve the problem.

  1. Get a wet/dry vacuum and find the main drain line that is outside of your home.
  2. Now connect the vacuum to the drain line securely.
  3. Finally, run the vacuum for 3 minutes to clear the blockages in the pipe.

With regular ac tune-ups in Janesville, you can prevent the problem before it arises in the first place. To schedule a service, contact us at (608) 362-4090. We provide 24/7 emergency services.