Industrial maintenance premised on business productivity and reliability. Each company has its own precise needs and therefore has to implement a specific kind of maintenance. Scheduling maintenance is important, as it determines the efficiency and quality of the heating system.

5 Types of Maintenance That Everyone Should Know About

Corrective Maintenance
Corrective maintenance is implemented right after a defect is detected in the system. It aims to make the system work efficiently again. Corrective maintenance is of two types, planned or unplanned. Unplanned corrective maintenance is more costly than planned ones. Corrective maintenance helps the technicians make the system work efficiently without delay. It also helps to reduce the scope of errors.
Predetermined Maintenance
It is probably less known among all maintenance types as it does not rely on the actual equipment’s state but rather on the programs delivered by the manufacturers. Applying this maintenance type depends on the programs elaborated by the manufacturers. Here, the maintenance teams have no choice but to rely on the programs. It creates chances of error that can influence the efficiency of the system.
Condition-Based Maintenance
Condition based maintenance is one of the most complicated to implement among all the maintenance types, yet it is particularly economical. It aims to prevent failures and requires regular maintenance of the state. Thus, it helps to maintain the efficiency of the system. All this data can automatically be gathered and controlled directly. The maintenance team takes action and decides to operate it at constant or regular intervals. They also carefully check the motor’s temperature and the system’s other functions and parts. They perform these actions to ensure that the system works efficiently and is safe from breakdowns.
Preventive Maintenance
The technician teams apply preventive maintenance before any failure or breakdown. It aims to reduce breakdowns and degradation of the system’s components. They schedule a specific time to prevent these breakdowns. During this maintenance, technicians follow a proper procedure that helps them identify minor faults and prevent them from turning into a major breakdown. It also helps to increase the longevity of the system.
Predictive Maintenance
Predictive maintenance allows the technicians to anticipate breakdowns. It generates reports directly in the maintenance management software, which helps technicians know when the system can develop faults. With this, they further proceed with industrial maintenance operations. The essential thing about predictive maintenance is that they help predict faults and prevent any failures, which can slow down production and reduce the system’s efficiency.


The system’s efficiency depends on the type of maintenance the HVAC service provider implements. Therefore, owners must contact an experienced and trusted HVAC service provider if they face any issues.

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