As homeowners, we use our HVAC systems frequently to remain comfortable indoors. How often do you maintain your AC system? Many manufacturers advise having an HVAC expert inspect your unit once a year. Ignoring proper servicing can impede on your systems’ efficiency and function. If you find that your unit is facing any issues, you should call a skilled professional for HVAC repair in Janesville, WI, as soon as possible.

Most Frequent HVAC Problems

  • Obstructed air filters

Although they are not a particularly powerful part of the HVAC system, air filters are effective. Depending on the system’s workload and cleaning effectiveness, you should typically change or replace the air filters every one to three months.

The system will have to operate harder and longer to maintain the desired temperature in the home if the air filters are dirty and blocked. Your system can malfunction as a result of the increased workload.

  • Excess water

A water pool close to your HVAC system is typically a symptom of danger. Drain pipes are included with furnaces to transport moisture away from other components of your HVAC system, where it can cause problems and into the ground instead.

If you see water, ensure the condensate drain line is intact and clear of cracks. Another potential water source is overflowing drain pans or ducts brought on by sudden changes in humidity. It’s a good idea to have AC service in Janesville, WI, every few months to combat the issue of too much water.

  • HVAC not cooling

Along with inspecting the air conditioner’s components, you can take some precautions to keep your home cool by insulating it and covering the windows with blinds. The temperature indoors rises due to practices like always leaving hot electronics like heaters and televisions on.

  • Unclean ducts

Using ducts ensures no hot or cold spots in the rooms’ temperatures. Like dirty air filters, dirty ducts will show that the system needs to work more to manage the temperature. As required by the system, you must make sure to clean or replace the ducts during AC service in Janesville, WI.

Additionally, after many years of operation, ducts may develop holes. The rooms won’t have a comfortable temperature because of leaking ducts that allow warm or cold air to seep into the walls.

  • Thermostat malfunction

The thermostat is the hub of your home’s HVAC system, and its lack of operation can significantly impact how comfortable your home is for you. If you’re experiencing issues with your thermostat, take the lid off to see if dust is the source of the issue. Contact experts immediately if you cannot fix the issue.

  • AC isn’t keeping you cool enough

Your HVAC is probably low on refrigerant if it is on, but the air isn’t as cold as it should be. If this is the case, you are probably dealing with a leak because there is no other way for refrigerant to exit the air conditioner. Many manufacturers advise having an HVAC expert inspect your unit once a year.

Arch Heating and Cooling Inc. ensures that skilled professionals analyze your HVAC system. We don’t cut back on quality, and you can save more money on maintenance for your appliance. Schedule an appointment for HVAC repair in Janesville, WI, by calling us at 608-362-4090 immediately.