A heating system can be your most loyal companion when you wish to relax at home on a freezing winter day. However, this comfort can turn into a nightmare when the furnace breaks down abruptly in the middle of a cold night. As the experts for heating repair in Janesville, WI, will require some time to arrive at your place, it is better to understand how to self troubleshoot your furnace to avoid discomfort.

Common Heater Troubleshooting Steps You Can Follow

Heating systems might break down and build problems, even with adequate upkeep, causing them to cease functioning accurately. So, if your heating machine is not operating accurately or facing problems turning on, try on these troubleshooting steps before calling a technician for repair or furnace replacement in Janesville, WI.

  • Examine the Heating System’s Air Filtration Design

The heater air filter should be the foremost thing you must check when your machine begins exhibiting malfunctioning symptoms as air filters in heaters become dirty over time. Furthermore, grime and dirt might enter your furnace system to clog the filter, block air circulation, reduce indoor air quality, and, in some cases, stop the furnace from switching on.

Nevertheless, before troubleshooting your heating system, always remember to switch off the furnace regulator and the boiler control. Also, it is equally crucial to examine your air filter every one month and change them when required.

  • Check the Temperature on your Furnace Thermostat

When checking the furnace thermostat, ensure it remains set to heat settings and adjust a temperature at least 10 degrees warmer than the actual room temperature. Next, check the batteries and replace them if they are dead.

Also, if you have an automatic thermostat, pull it up and brush it softly. Dust off dirt and grime with a soft cloth or brush, paying additional attention to the internal coil and connection platings. Furthermore, if your wiping brush is too oversized, try using a bit of paper.

  • Check the Furnace Switch and Electrical Circuit

In this step, you must check the heating system’s controller near your furnace. It is because there is a possibility that you or someone else might turn off the machine by accident. Hence if the button is off, switch it back on.

Nevertheless, if there is no response, move to the power outlet. Check whether the breaker or toggle button is on. Furthermore, you should warrant that the heating circuit remains turned on if the furnace breaker container is accurately marked.

With the help of all these troubleshooting tips above, you can readily troubleshoot your heating system. Nevertheless, if the machine is not turning on even after trying all these steps, it is time to call experts for your heating repair in Janesville, WI.

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