When the winter arrives, sitting in a freezing house, waiting for an HVAC technician to fix your broken heating system, can indeed be a gloomy day indeed. While there is little you can do once your heaters break down or malfunction, you can avoid such occurrences by scheduling a service beforehand. So, how do you know when to call professionals for furnace repair in Janesville, WI, without waiting for the machine to break?

Below is a list of eight common signs that indicate your heating machine needs repair, and call experts as soon as you notice these signs.

1. The Heater is Blowing out Cold Air

A furnace usually blows cold when the fuel is not getting burnt at the pace needed to warm the air. The cause may be due to blocking in the tubes or ducts. Also, this issue can arise due to clogging in the furnace air filters.

2. The Heating System is not Blowing any Air at all

When the air filters attached to your heating system get blocked, the hot air cannot pass through, resulting in no airflow. This is the reason many HVAC experts recommend changing the air filters frequently.

3. Loud Noises from your Machine

While a slight whirring sound of a heating system is normal, loud sounds such as rattling, banging, groans, or weird buzzes are significant red flags that indicate your machine requires repair.

4. Foul Odor from the Heater

A recently installed heating system might have an intense smell initially that goes away as you keep running the unit. Nevertheless, if you catch a consistent foul odor out of nowhere, your heating system might have problems. For instance, chemical smells like aldehydes are an indication of inadequate combustion.

5. Spiked Up Power Bills

If you notice that your power bills rise every month out of nowhere, your heating system might be the reason. While you can anticipate your power expenses to move up during peak winter months, a sudden increase that is too high can be due to inefficient heaters. Thankfully, you can fix this issue by calling experts for HVAC repair in Janesville, WI.

6. Carbon Monoxide Warnings

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous gas that remains odorless and colorless. Therefore it can only get caught by the monitor. A broken heat exchanger in your heating system can leak this deadly gas into your place, creating life-threatening circumstances. So, if your carbon monoxide alarm moves up, vacate the place right away and seek professional help.

7. Gas Leaks from the Machine

Apart from carbon monoxide, call experts immediately if you detect any gaseous odor at your home. Also, it is better to keep off any burner or flame as gases can be flammable.

8. Water Leaks

A puddle of water near your heating system implies that there might be a jammed condensation channel or even a damaged pipe. If you don’t handle this problem on time, it can induce different difficulties such as mold growth.

If you lately experience one or more of these indications in your heating systems, make sure to call our experts at Arch Inc Heating and Cooling right away. For more details, call us at (608) 362-4090.