Heat pumps are the most important part of your HVAC system, which requires special attention when winter hits the Janesville weather. In such cases, proper arrangements must be made to ensure the heat pump’s safety and efficiency. A simple breakdown in the heat pump can cost you a lot. Hence, it is necessary to be precautious in such matters.

  • Replace Filters: Filters are something that separates the bad air from the good air. They tend to fill up with dust particles and require constant care and replacement. This is necessary in the case of a heat pump as well. Clean and new filters increase the lifespan of the overall HVAC system.
  • Do not increase the temperature to the extremes: A sudden increase in temperature increases the heat pump load, which can cause issues in the long run. It can also affect the electricity cost. The best way is to use a smart thermostat that slowly and steadily increases and finally controls the temperature to keep the required warmth inside in the Janesville winter.
  • Clear the Heat Pump: Residuals and waste material are likely to enter inside the heat pump as it is kept open. Clean it with a vacuum cleaner and keep the aluminum fins in the outer unit clean. Do not pressurize them while cleaning as they tend to get folded due to their sensitivity.
  • Use Proper Ventilation: Ventilating, the area, is also an important aspect of maintaining the heat pump’s efficiency. In such cases, the crawl space, the attic area, rooms, and closed spaces should be kept ventilated to keep the residual heat out of the home and maintain the required temperature inside the house, which decreases the load on the heat pump.
  • Keep the Doors and Windows closed: The doors and windows must be closed. Keeping them open will let the created heat escape out of the house. This will cause overloading on your HVAC system and increase the electricity cost as well.
  • Follow regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of the whole HVAC system can increase the heat pump’s lifespan. Appoint the experts who clear up the ducts, change the filters, oil up the furnace and heat pump and perform all other maintenance measures to ensure smooth sailing of the heating pump and overall HVAC system. Maintenance contracts are the ideal way to ensure the good efficiency of the HVAC system.
  • Do not cover the outer heat pump unit: Never cover the heat pump’s outer unit with a cloth or any other material. It has to radiate heat which gets trapped and affects the heat pump functioning as a whole.

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