Keeping yourself healthy while the temperatures are peaking is indeed a tough job. Add a global pandemic to it, and it becomes even more difficult. It is inevitable to use the air conditioning systems in our house, especially those who live in specifically hot regions. By maintaining an optimal temperature and recommended percentage of humidity, we can keep ourselves checked.

There are also chances that your AC system might malfunction because you will be using it after a long time. If you face any issues with your AC, you can contact an AC repair contractor in Janesville, WI, and have your system checked.

AC in This Pandemic – Yes or No?

Ventilation and air conditioning systems are used to regulate the temperature and humidity of your house at a healthy level. This also helps to let in fresh air into your home. That being said, you can use your air conditioning system in this pandemic, but under some conditions. While facing difficulties with an air conditioner, you could get in touch with AC service in Janesville, WI.

Following are some precautions to be observed while using your air conditioners this summer, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic –

  • Stand-alone air conditioners are good to go for reducing the temperatures in your home.
  • Make sure that the air filters in your AC are cleaned periodically to ensure the best air quality.
  • Maximum ventilation should be enabled at all times. When your AC is not in use, keep all your windows open. This ensures fresh air circulation.
  • To avoid recirculation of air, try to keep your windows slightly ajar.
  • A good air conditioning system can help you reduce the spread of COVID-19 by eliminating the indoor circulation of air. Ventilating as much as possible will help in this case.
  • Maintain the temperature between 24°C – 30°C. 24°C for areas with humid weather and 30°C for dry weather conditions.
  • The humidity should ideally be between 40% and 70%. The right amount of humidity in your house can help in keeping you safe and healthy.
  • If you feel like the humidity in your room is not enough, you can keep some water in a shallow pan. This will evaporate due to heat and increase the humidity of the room.
    There is no solid evidence against SARS-CoV-2 spreading through the air coming from the AC unit. But isn’t it always better to stay safe than sorry?

For Repairs And Services

    If you are wondering what to do if the air conditioning system in your house is facing issues during the pandemic, here’s the answer. Make sure to contact a licensed professional to check it. This way, you can assure your safety because these technicians will follow the safety guidelines. You can give a ring to AC service in Janesville, WI, and have professionals take a look at those problems. We can help you tune up your air conditioner. To get the best air conditioner services in Janesville, WI, visit the Arch Heating & Cooling website or call us at (608)-362-4090.