The condenser coils play an important role in the cooling process of your air conditioner. These coils are located outside and thus are prone to dirt buildup over time. Every homeowner must keep the condenser coils clean to avoid severe problems with the air conditioner.

How do These Coils Get Dirty?

The condenser coils are located outside and exposed to dirt, debris, and other particles from the outdoor environment. As your air conditioner operates over time, the dirt naturally builds on these coils. It can become a big problem if you don’t pay attention and do something.

What Will Happen When you have Dirty Condenser Coils?

To properly and effectively function your cooling system, you should ensure that your unit is cleaned and maintained regularly. And ensuring that the condenser coils are clean is an important part of taking care of the air conditioner.

  • High Energy Bills

When the condenser coils are dirty, it becomes hard for the air conditioner to provide cooling to the home. The system will have to work harder and longer to maintain the desired temperature in your home. And all this will lead to high energy usage and higher monthly energy bills.

  • Not Proper Cooling

When the dirt builds up on the condenser coils, it becomes harder for heat to transfer from these coils to the outside, which means that the heat will not be removed from the house. The dirt buildup produces a layer on these coils that obstructs the air and the heat. If your home is not getting cool as before, maybe the condenser is to blame.

  • Breakdown

The chances of your air conditioner breaking down increases greatly when it has to work harder than normal for a long time. So it is better to ensure that your condenser coils are clean.

Tips for Maintaining the AC Condenser Unit

  • Schedule the Annual Tune-Up

It is simple; all you need to do is pick up the phone and call a professional for AC repair Janesville, WI. During a tune-up, the professionals will do all the necessary tasks like cleaning the condenser unit.

  • Keep the Unit Clear of Debris

Leaves, grass, twigs, and debris can build up on your condenser unit over time. It can block the airflow. So make sure to remove anything you find stuck on your condenser unit.

  • Remove Landscaping Near the Unit

When the bushes and plants grow around the unit, it creates an obstacle to the airflow. So make sure to trim the bushes and cut the grass within the range of your unit.

  • Straightening the Unit’s Fins

Due to wind and debris, the fins surrounding your condenser unit may bend over time. When these fins are bent, the air is difficult to pass in and out of the unit. You can purchase a fin comb to straighten the fins.


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